'New Artist of the year' award                        January 2017 Maple Blues Awards

International Songwriting Competition 3rd Place Winner in the Blues Category!

Blues Artist of the Year at 2017 Niagara Music Awards

2016 Toronto Blues Society Talent Search Winner!

Spencer Mackenzie 2016 TBS Talent Search winner. (Left to right: Miles Evans, Ann Singer, Spencer Mackenzie, jack Davies, Kevin Tait)

2017 International Blues Challenge in Memphis

Album Reviews

COLD NOVEMBER Released June 2018


Rock and Blues Muse (USA) 

Young Canadian blues phenom and multiple blues award-winner, Spencer Mackenzir released his new album, Cold November....Title track, Cold November, I have to say is jaw dropping in it's maturity.....If the Blues is going to survive (spoiler: it will) it doesn't just need young players who can emulate the sounds, themes and structures, it needs those players that eventually take charge, make the music their own and help evolve the genre into whatever it will become next. It'll be "kids" like Spencer who will be doing a lot of the heavy lifting in the years and deacdes to come.....his youthful hope with an eye towards the future....and he'll be the one taking the blues with hi. Believe it. 


More reviews to be added soon!

Infected with the Blues Album Released May 2016


“There is no question that musicians should be judged by ability and not by age, and that is certainly the case with 17 year-old blues guitarist Spencer MacKenzie…his guitar playing is crisp and clean even as it delivers some down-to-the bone licks…He’s got the blues power in his soul...” Blues Blast Magazine (USA)


BLUES MATTERS Magazine Issue #94 February/March 2017 Interview (UK) 


SPENCER MACKENZIE/Infected With the Blues:  Feel like saying ‘no way’?  Here’s a white boy with the blues---but get this, he’s 16, looks half of that, can shred like a badass and writes stuff deeper than ‘I got the blues, I paid my dues…’.  And this white boy is from Canada.  An award winner since 2013, he’s got the smarts and knowledge to mix Dylan with Memphis Minnie next to his originals.  This is one tyro that you’ll want to applaud instead of slap across the face.  He’s on to something here, check it out.



Fort Erie Spencer Mackenzie Unleashes Energetic Blues Album

Fort Erie teenage Blues sensation Spencer Mackenzie has been astounding everyone with his wild, powerful guitar skills for quite a while.  Now he's bottled up that energy and unleashed it on his debut CD, Infected with the Blues.

Featuring 8 covers and 3 originals co-written by the young performer, the album displays Spencer's explosive, hard rockin, style.  His voice and guitar playing show more soul and character than some players three times his age.

The songs have a full sound.......



Canadian Spencer MacKenzie is a 16-year-old prodigy who makes speak for themselves his guitar. He is the beard in the throat not really outgrown, but his voice sounds more miraculous than adult. Since its fifth he is a gifted guitarist..... Teen Spencer MacKenzie represents a budding music career and confirms that blues music does have a future.



Spencer MacKenzie is a young blues sensation from Canada. The singer / guitarist's only sixteen, but everyone in Canada predicts this boy a golden future....... Spencer MacKenzie is a name to keep an eye on. His concert calendar is well filled, so he will gain a lot of experience in a short time. I'm already looking forward to the sequel to the 'Infected With The Blues'


MORE TO COME.............

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