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‘Spencer Mackenzie has a few things that older blues veterans can’t speak to and those are his strengths at this point–his youthful hope with an eye toward the future… and he’ll be the one taking the blues there with him. Believe it!’

 Tom O’Connor, Rock and Blues Muse (US)

Don't Wanna be Your Dog- Official Music Video

Baptized by Cold Water- LIVE at the Empire Theatre

'Preach To My Soul' Media Quotes

'This is music will make you feel something, maybe even grab you and shove you up against the wall.....This feels like the beginning of something big, maybe even huge.' - Goonzookanagan (Canada)
'Preach To My Soul, could well be before the major international breakthrough of Spencer MacKenzie.'- Concert Monkey (Belguim)
'He chooses his moments as lead guitars well and it is impressive how he sometimes incorporates shortly guitar fills into his percussions. But the compositions of MacKenzie‘s still makes the most impression.' - Gitarist Magazine (Netherlands)
'His guitar playing, both on Gibson and Fender is equally astonishing. Now that’s so many greats in the genre have already passed away it is very refreshing to hear that such a youngster continues the tradition so richly and passionately' -OOR Magazine (Netherlands)  
'Spencer Mackenzie has since developed his own sound, a vintage sound, a style that resonates and has the phrasing of a seasoned musician. And this despite his young age. Good looking!'- Keys and Chords (Belgium)
'Niagara Blues master Spencer Mackenzie has been topping himself with every release and his latest phenomenal album, Preach to My Soul, is no different. This Gypsy Soul Records release (distributed by Warner Canada) is a massive step forward.'- Blues Lovers Hamilton (Canada)
'As is often claimed in such cases, Spencer Mackenzie turns out to be something of an old soul transported into a young body. How to explain if not that at barely 22 years old, his guitar playing expresses so much the still vivid memory of heroes of yesteryear?'- ParisMove (France)
He is not yet 25 years old but now plays like many older ones with his guitar like blues veteran straight off the stage.'- Lust for Life Magazine Sept 2022 (Netherlands)


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